Meditations From the Foot of the Cross Day 2

For Holy Week I wrote some meditations from the perspective of those who were there. Every day I will release a new one and I hope you are all blessed by them and led to the foot of the cross. Earlier this month I wrote from the perspective of Mary, if you missed it you can find it here Yesterday I wrote from Peter’s perspective, if you missed it you can find it here

Dear heartbroken friend,

There was a day that I would love to forget.  I am sure you have had your share as well.  I thought I had one job, to be a support to a friend whose son was dying.  I walked with her and held her hand, wiped her tears and heard all she was trying to keep hidden in her heart.  Turns out she did all that for me too.   Have you ever walked with a friend who was suffering?  You watch as they try to be strong in the middle of their storm.  You realize at one point that you are suffering too.  That watching them is tearing your heart in two. You realize that you love them and what hurts them hurts you too. 

But love has a capacity that cannot be measured.  It is in those darkest moments that you find that love is greater than you can imagine.  I was there when the sun refused to shine.  I longed to return home and erase what I had seen and see no more of the worst this world had to offer.  How was it possible for anyone to laugh when someone was being treated so cruelly?  This was someone’s son.  A beloved friend, my savior.  I realized that day, that there could only be one savior- I was called to be a witness.

A witness does two things, first a witness sees all that is transpiring.  And second a witness repeats what they have seen.  At the foot of the cross I saw a Saviors love poured out patiently for all of us.  I also saw the courage of a mother whose heart was pierced in two, knowing that her yes had led to this and also knowing that her yes would lead to more.  Sometimes we want to be saviors and feel frustrated when we can’t right the wrongs or heal the broken.  It is in those moments that I remember the day at the cross and while I wanted to stop all that was happening, I knew that I wasn’t called to be a savior- we only have one of those.  I was called to be a witness. 

You are called to be a witness.  To stand and shine light in the midst of darkness.  To share love and encouragement with those entrusted to you and to lean on the cross and gather strength to share with others. As Christians when we witness, we bring Jesus into the situation; whatever it may be. Today, be a witness. Let God’s redeeming light shine through you and light the world on fire with His love.

Be blessed and encouraged,

Mary M.

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