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When I was a teenager and got my first job, I went SHOPPING!  At any point you could go through my closet and see labels that were common to most teenagers of that time; Jordache, Levi’s, Lacoste and Nike.  But if you took time to peruse my abundance of clothing you would also find a few treasured pieces that had no labels.  They were made by my mom.  I remember looking through magazines and pointing to a top and saying can you please make me that.  We would go pick out the fabric and I would have a custom piece in no time.  Those were always my favorite pieces. A few years ago, I went to NYC to see a play and remember stopping somewhere in Time Square and just gazing at all the lights.  There were so many names in lights!  The bigger the company the bigger the lights.  I felt as if everywhere I went, someone wanted to catch my attention and visually shout – Sony, Samsung, Disney… I thought to myself of how we walked around surrounding ourselves with names and logos.  This building shouts I belong to… another shouts I belong to…  I remembered my mother’s beautiful creations and how they did not have a tag with a fancy name.  The best things usually do not have fancy labels or need to shout.  I kept thinking to myself that I also have an invisible tag with a beautiful name. 

Made with love by God.

How would our lives be different if we acknowledged that each of us carries this invisible tag?  The other day I was speaking to my Confirmation students about how we can sometimes physically see and feel the presence of God.  A big one for me was when each of my kids were born.  I was so blown away and humbled to know that I helped create this tiny person.  I thought of how much I loved them and how much joy I felt at just holding them and knowing them. Then I heard that small voice inside my heart say- “that’s how I felt when I created you.”  I got choked up just thinking that God also felt love, pride, and immense joy when He created me.

How could my life be different if I remembered daily that I was MADE WITH LOVE BY GOD?  Would I doubt myself at every turn? Would I be impatient with my weakness?  Would it be easier for me to always trust Him? How would I treat others if I could see their label; MADE WITH LOVE BY GOD? Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta was known to bow before a person upon greeting them.  When asked why she did this – her simple answer was; I do not bow to the person but to God I know is in each one of us.  I acknowledge the dignity of each person.  She always saw the invisible label.  

During this busy Advent Season I pray that we can refocus our hearts and remember that we are MADE WITH LOVE BY GOD.

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  1. Rev.Gedeon Aybar

    Very nice memories I can’t say mom ever made me anything but she gave me something better her unconditional love and that I will always treasure

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